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With the many technological advances that have been made and continue to be made in the automotive industry, the days of simple transmission repairs may be gone forever.

As recently as a decade ago, a transmission specialist may have only needed to work on 10 different models of transmissions. These models were the mainstream and were easily stocked.

Transmission Gears

Whenever parts were needed, they were accessible and relatively inexpensive.

Today, a transmission specialist must keep up with as many as 350 models. Additionally, the cost of maintaining a transmission systems has risen due to part availability and the fact that some parts can only be purchased direct from the dealership. This increased variety, along with the growing complexity of transmission technology, means that our transmission specialists must have much more advanced training to start with, and consistent ongoing education in order to keep up with all the changes and new products.




I was totally satisfied, and will definitely use Eagle of Lewisville again!” – W Glover

Eagle Transmissions specialists are among the best in the industry with advanced ongoing training to keep them up to date and to make sure that they provide our clients with the best service possible regardless of the type of vehicle they bring in for repair.


Transmission Maintenance:

The transmission system is usually ignored until there is a major problem, even though it should be serviced annually. Many people who notice their car is not running properly ignore the problem with the hope that the symptoms with work themselves out. This usually results in more extensive damage to your vehicle as the problem becomes more severe.

The following symptoms may indicate a problem with your transmission:

Identify Transmission Problems Early with a FREE CONSULTATION
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  • Failing or delaying when shifting
  • Thumping or lagging when shifting
  • The engine speeds up when you apply the gas, but the car doesn't
  • Red, pink, or brown puddles under your car
  • The need to add transmission fluid
  • Unusual noises, such as a whining sound when you step on the accelerator, a grinding noise, or a banging noise when you come to a stop
  • Your car fails to move when cold, but improves once it is warmed up
  • Engine overheating


If you suspect there is a problem with your car or just want to be safe, come in for a FREE CONSULTATION with No Obligation with one of our highly skilled and customer friendly Eagle Transmission specialists. They can identify problems in the early stages before the damage becomes severe.


Repair Estimates:

Just as you would not expect a doctor to give you a diagnosis over the phone, it is impossible to get accurate estimates over the phone for transmission repair. The transmission repair specialist must see the vehicle to begin the diagnostic process.

Broken Transmission Gear

All transmission repair centers should road-test a car first. This will determine if the problem is with the transmission. An external check will only determine if there is an external problem with the system. If the problem is internal, a thorough diagnosis of the amount and type of damage can only be made by pulling the transmission.

Many times a computer malfunction will give the impression that there is a transmission problem. Due to the increasing technology in late model vehicles, the transmission repair facility may need to conduct an electronic diagnosis first to eliminate the possibility of a computer malfunction.

A thorough internal diagnosis, which includes removing and dismantling the transmission, should find the extent of the damage. Your cost of repair can then be accurately determined. Most shops offer free external inspections and some may offer to conduct an internal diagnosis for a reasonable charge.

"I felt they sold me the service I needed and that if they recommended more extensive work, I could trust that they were being honest." - R Murphy





Watch out for transmission repair facilities that continuously call after you have authorized work to begin, reporting more damage and increasing the repair price. If a complete internal diagnosis was conducted, this should not occur.

Also, be wary of ads that claim "We'll repair any transmission for..." or offers to rebuild a transmission for an unbelievably low price. The transmission must be properly diagnosed before the transmission damage and the cost of the repair can be determined. Also, be cautious if a company is quick to quote a firm price without seeing the car. And remember, if a claim sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

When you do compare prices, compare only apples to apples. There are no minimum rebuilding standards on transmissions.

You should also become familiar with the term "rebuilt" as it applies to transmission repair. Even though there are more than 300 parts in the average transmission, a transmission may only have a few internal parts replaced and be called "rebuilt". In Texas, if two or more parts are replaced, the transmission may be called "rebuilt", "overhauled", or "reconditioned". Ask what exactly is being repaired for the price quoted and if the parts are used, reconditioned, or new.

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