CVT Transmission and How It Is Different

CVT Transmission and How it is Different

For people who don’t know anything about engines or cars or how anything works under the hood, the terms can be a little confusing when they are tossed about for any repair work or if you are new vehicle shopping. So one thing you should understand when they – meaning a repairman or a salesperson – talk about CVT transmissions, they are talking about a continuously variable transmission.

What are CVT Transmissions?

CVT stands for constant variable transmission. This means the engine will constantly be going through different gears to keep up with the number of revolutions per minute the engine is experiencing at the moment. This allows for more gentle transitions between gears so that you will be able to enjoy the ride a little bit more.

How Can I Get This Kind of Transmission?

Unless you are willing to undergo a major overhaul of your engine, this is something you will have to get done when you first purchase the car. This means look for vehicles which have CVT transmissions installed in them. There are many different sports models which have started to install these because they offer better performance and a smoother ride. Many car companies will call this an in-step transmission because it keeps step with the driving that you are up to.

What Advantages Does it Provide?

  • The most important advantage CVT transmissions provide a smoother ride. Beyond that, they will also offer better fuel economy. This is possible because you will not be running the engine in between gears and losing power while you are still trying to accelerate. Instead, you will get smooth transitions which will make better use of the gas that you are burning. This will allow you to get more speed even at lower RPMs. This is something every car should strive for.
  • One of the benefits of having a CVT transmission is that it gets better fuel mileage. The transmission is set up so that as you pass through the gears, each one is set up to run at the most efficient RPM number at all times. The more efficient the engine runs, no matter what gear it is cycling through, the less gasoline that will be wasted. And with gas prices continually going and staying higher, that makes it an affordable and smart option.
  • CVT transmissions are also typically used in sports cars or ones that want a lot of performance from an engine. Since the shifting is more efficient on gas, it also works to make the engine run faster in a shorter amount of time. For people who like to drive race cars, high-performance vehicles or even ones used in amateur racing, a CVT engine would be the first choice if it was an affordable option.

Probably the best benefit to people who want to have a high-performance car with a CVT transmission is that it doesn’t require a clutch to shift through the gears. The car can speed through the gears without the driver having to push in the clutch and manually work the shifter to get going down the road. Having an automatic car is always a great option for vehicles, but since many people don’t know how to use a clutch and drive, it was a negative point for certain cars.

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