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A couple of weeks ago on my way to work every light on my dashboard came on. A friend suggested I call Ernie at Eagle Transmissions in Lewisville. He told me to drop by and they'd check it for FREE. I was nervous about the cost of the repairs because of past experiences with other repair shops. I was extremely relieved when Ernie told me it was only the battery. I had the battery replaced and all was good again. Ernie suggested since I had 115K miles on the car that I should let them do a check-up. I couldn't do it that day, but I brought it back a few days later. He called me and told me they needed to do a little bit of work, but nothing major. Once again they didn't "sell" me something I really didn't need. I feel like this is hard to find these days! I didn't know that Eagle Transmission, did anything other than transmissions, but they actually have a long list of things they can do. I highly recommend you give Ernie & Eagle a try on your next car problem.5 star review Google User

I was having some trouble with my 07 Tahoe. The dealership told me it was a internal problem inside of my transmission. I wanted to get a second opinion so I took it over to mike. He did a diagnostic on it for me for free, the dealership wanted $100 for a diag on my truck. So i had mike rebuild my transmission instead of buying a new one from Chevy. The cost difference was astounding. I saved over $1500 by having my transmission rebuilt and it works perfectly. It also came with the same 12 month 12,000 warranty as the dealer. I now refer all of my friends and family to him and am vary impressed with the overall quality of my experience with Mike and his whole staff.5 star review Google User

I went to go get my safety and emissions done at Valvoline and they told me that my horn was not working. I've had my car for 2 years so I thought surely it would still be under warranty. So I called Mazda to see what they could do for me and my warrantly was 3 years or 36,000 miles but of course my car has 37,000 miles on it! They proceeded to give me an estimate of $150 to replace the entire horn (without looking at it). I looked up some automotive places near Lewisville and found Eagle (luckily). I gave them a call and they told me to come in so they could take a quick look at it to see if they could fix it or if I was going to have to replace the horn. I took it in and was greeted by the owner of the shop and also a free donut :). He told me that he was going to get my car looked at within 5-10 minutes. Within the next 5 minutes I hear a loud horn noise....sure enough it was my car! They had fixed my horn and when I went to get my wallet out he says it's on the house! These people pride themselves on GREAT customer service and it is truly refreshing! I will definitely be returning! Thanks so much Eagle! 5 star review Google User

I met Ernie and Mike - they are honest and get the job done right. We had to get a starter replaced, and we went to a mechanic (drivers edge) close by the house. A month later I was caught in the cold and the car would not start. I had it towed to eagle which is close to my work. From what Eagle said, Drivers Edge broke a clip when they installed it, and didn't tell me. Eagle fixed it within a day and only charged me for the tow. Mike, the owner, is a great guy. He gave me his personal card and cell and told me to call him when i needed anything. No pressure, Just honest good buinsess. The really cool thing about Eagle is they have are friendly like a small town mechanic shop, but they know their stuff better than the competion. And the price is very fair. They earned a customer for life. 5 star review Google User

I recently had the transmission rebuild in my Pontiac Grand Prix at a different transmission shop. What a mistake. My transmission had lots of problems after the service, and the company would not stand behind it. Finally they went out of business. THEN I took my car to Eagle Transmission in Lewisville, TX, which is what I should have done to begin with! Eagle Transmission rebuilt the transmission and they did it right! It shifts like it did when the car was new. The price was right, and the staff were over-the-top courteous, caring and knowledgeable. They even helped me solve a non-transmission related problem with my car. What a great bunch of people. Eagle Transmission in Lewisville, TX has earned my business, for every car I own, for ever. I can't say enough great things about this place! Simply put, they're awesome. 5 star review Google User

Mike the owner was extremely pleasant and helpful. I brought my 2002 z28 camaro into these guys and the transmission work was excellent. They were extremely busy so I just came in dropped it off for the day. They called me next morning with it finished. Well worth the time to drop it off for a day or two if you know the job is going to be done right! Keep up the great work guys! I will definitly return for all my future needs. 5 star review Brandon H Google User

I had bought the groupon for this place not knowing a single thing about it. I took my mazda cx7 in for an oil change, tire rotation, and also for a coolant flush. The customer service was amazing. You can tell that they genuienly care about their customers and want whats best for them and the life of their customers cars. I would highly recommend this place for any tune ups or needs for you car. They do a very good job!  5 star review Ashley C Google User

I have had experience with many mechanics over the years and have many horrible stories. This shop is an exception to any I've ever encountered. They CARE about your business and they SHOW it with incredible service. It all starts at the top and the owner, Mike, really makes it a point to get to know you, what brings you in, how to help, and they fix the problem. Why is that such a big deal? One word: Honesty This is one of the rare shops you can trust to diagnose your problem and be honest about what its going to cost to fix it. My son and I both had separate problems with two different vehicles. My son was told by another shop it would cost at least $2200 to fix and he may need a new engine. (Really? I doubted it from the beginning and asked him to get a second opinion.) He called Mike and they towed it to their shop. When it was all finished--it was a $400 fix. No new engine needed. I brought my Jeep in for the air conditioning. I had taken it to another shop and the guy put dye in it, told me to drive it around for a week and come back so they could see where it was leaking. It cost me $200. He told me it would range from $1200-1700 to fix it. After my son's experience, I took it to Eagle Transmission. Within a couple of hours, they put dye in it (Again), recharged it, found the leak, and advised it was a very common issue. Total cost: $289. When I had called back to see when it would be ready, Mike apologized I had to call him. Really. When was the last time a business apologized to YOU for not calling you back? I bet it's been a long time, if ever. Today, he followed up to make sure everything was okay. Guess what? It's more than okay. I will take my car to this shop for anything and everything I need. The people who work there, take pride in their work. They are happy and helpful. The best thing is, I know these guys are being honest with us and that is a very, very rare thing these days. I wish everyone followed the lead on the way they run their business. It's incredible. 5 star review Tammy C Google User

I have brought my PT Cruiser twice to Eagle Transmission and have received excellent service both times I have been there. This last trip has proved these guys are looking out for you. Before coming in another mechanic who was doing my state inspection had notice my check engine light was not coming on when the car first started. He had offered to fix it but his shop could not because of the way my dashboard was cracked. So, I took it to Eagle Transmission because I also needed to get my A/C fixed. When Eagle Transmission took a look at my car they found out that someone had put electrical tape over my check engine light. I guess the prior owner had taken it to some shady mechanics before selling it off. We also found out about the unreported front end damage that did not show up on either CarFax of AutoCheck report that was causing my A/C to fail. Because of the age of the car we had quite of few things that needed to be replaced. Eagle Transmission doesn't hunt for problems but if there is a major problem that could cause serious damage down the line they will let you know. After my vehicle was fixed they even washed my car and vacuumed! Talk about excellent customer service! They kept us updated on on the repairs on my car. Even when we called almost every day they were nothing but kind and courteous to both my fiance and I. The cost of the repairs were not outrageous, what they quote on repairs stays about the same when you pay, and I feel confident my car will last me another couple of years! 5 star review Lacey P Google User

very honest!!!, the owner always has time to explain everything to you. 110% commited to customer satisfaction, you can tell they take pride in their work. 5 star review Google User



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