Best Time To Get Your Fluid Changed

When is the best time to get your fluid changed?

Most of the manufactures recommend that to change fluid of vehicles every 32,000 to 62,000 miles under normal duty. But if duty is heavy you should check the fluid concentration and fluid color in order to get exact clue when to change. Also under heavy duty manufactures say that to change your fluid after 15,000 miles. If it is blackish you should readily have to change it. Also it depends upon vehicles. Some manufactures also say that if your using a vehicle as a house car you can use it till your life span. Also it depends upon what type of car you are using CVT or automatic. There are many ways to tell if its time for a fluid change, some examples being Grinding or Squealing noises, shifting gears is harder, vehicle surging forwards or backwards, Delay in movement after shifting, or even Gears slipping. If you notice any of these problems contact Eagle Transmission as soon as possible.