2011 Sentra Nissan Transmission Overhaul Kits

Nissan Transmission Overhaul Kits

Is the Nissan Sentra a compact economy car or a mid-sized sedan? Nissan says one thing, the EPA says another. It’s true that like many other Japanese cars, the Nissan Sentra has grown over the years since it was introduced in 1982. Chances are, all you care about is the fact that your Nissan Sentra starts and drives reliably while not consuming a lot of precious fuel. You can help keep it that way by making sure the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule is followed, and that you use only high-quality components. A little more spent on your Nissan Sentra’s maintenance needs today – such as filters, fluids and ignition components like plugs and distributor parts – means a lot less spent on repairs tomorrow.

The Nissan Sentra is a passenger vehicle that has been on the market since 1982. It was originally placed in the subcompact category, but for the model year 2000 it was reclassified into the compact category and became a mid-size in 2007. Until 2006 the Sentra was a revamped export version of the Japanese Sunny, but beginning in the model year 2013 it was rebadged as an export version of the Nissan Sylphy. The first three generations of the Sentra were called Nissan Tsuru in Mexico, and the B13 model is still marketed and sold under that name right next to the updated and rebadged Sentra models.

The Sentra currently serves as a compact car for Nissan in spite of its classification as a mid-size vehicle because of the increased interior space that began with the 2007 model. The reason the name “Sentra” was created was that the manufacturer wanted consumers to understand the car was quite safe in spite of its small size. The name sounds a little like a combination of central and sentry which projects images of safety.

When a transmission malfunctions, the repair technician will diagnose the problem and determine if it can be repaired or if it should be replaced. A repair involves replacement of only the parts needed to make the transmission operational. Depending on the cost of the repair and the extent of the damage, the repair shop may recommend replacement. In some cases, the failure may be catastrophic and impossible to repair. The only option available under these circumstances is to replace the transmission. If a transmission has a lot of miles on it, other parts may be worn and subject to fail in a short time. Many times the repair shop will advise replacing high mileage transmissions to prevent ongoing repairs.

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