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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I determine if I have a Transmission problem?
Some of the checks you can perform at home prior to a visit or a call include:

Check Engine Fluid

Check the fluid level with the engine idling and in park or neutral on a level surface. If the fluid level is low or not showing on the dipstick, this will dramatically affect the quality of the shifting process. It may skip gears or seem to slip between shifts. Depending on the vehicle it may not work at all.

Check the color and the smell of the fluid. If it’s very dark red or brown it may need just a simple service. If your vehicle has high miles and you find both the dark color and the smell of something burnt then it may signal a repair is in order. Keep in mind that if your transmission has had very little service or none at all and you find these symptoms, it’s probably not a good time to service it with new fluid.

Check Engine Light

If the check engine light is on this may signify an electronic problem, the vehicles from the late 80’s to the latest models are most generally computer controlled. You may need a simple diagnosis such as scanning the computer system to determine the specific electronic component failure and replacement.

If you are unsure of what you find or have any questions bring the vehicle in for a free diagnostic check. Just call us and we can help. If the vehicle is inoperative we can usually have it towed in within a couple of hours.

If your Check Engine Light is on, we will run a FREE Diagnostic test
to determine what that problem is.

How long does the vehicle inspection and diagnosis take?
The diagnosis generally takes approximately 20 to 40 minutes; this includes basic inspection, electronic scanning, and usually a test drive if the vehicle is still operating. We have free coffee while you wait and we can shuttle you to home or work if needed while your car is being checked.

How do I know what repair you are going to do?
Before any work is done to your vehicle we inform you of the findings and our recommendations. We don’t do any unauthorized work, you as the consumer are to be treated with honesty and respect, you can expect that we will perform the diagnosis for no charge and then advise you what is needed to make the vehicle perform as it should. From that point on nothing is done without your authorization.

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What is an RDI?
In most cases we are able to determine the problem, either with the electronic diagnosis, test drive, or the inspection. In other cases the problem is internal and the transmission will have to be Removed, Dismantled, and Inspected (RDI) to determine the item that failed and the associated costs to repair. The associated charge for a RDI is labor only to remove the transmission from the vehicle and to dismantle and inspect it to inform you of the failed item and the cost of repair.

How do I know I am getting what I pay for?
In order to make our customers know that they are getting a quality warranted repair, you are invited to either receive the failed part or visit our build room to view the problem as it exists while it’s in the dismantling process. As I have stated before, you as the customer have every right to expect and demand a quality repair and we have to earn your trust.

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Will I receive the same transmission that is in my vehicle when it’s repaired?
In most cases the transmission that is in your vehicle is the one that will be rebuilt and re-installed. In some cases, when the transmission in your vehicle is severely damaged, we may need to purchase a rebuildable core to provide you with the best value and quality transmission repair.

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